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EC Components
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Welcome to Addsoft E-Commerce Components Web site for Web Developer

Addsoft E-Commerce Components are collections of different ActiveX controls, COM objects and Internet software that are solely designed for your E-commerce enabled Web site. You can choose any of these components to improve your Web site and cut down your E-commerce development time.

  • SBShip - This ActiveX control will get real time UPS shipping charges retrieving directly from UPS Web site. 
  • SBCC  - This credit card validation ActiveX control will make sure your customer input a valid credit card number by checking the number prefix and checksum.
  • SBInfo - is a Web content aggregator ActiveX control that enables your Web server to gather information (such as stocks, weather, news and etc.) from other Web site and dynamically return stripped information to your client’s browser or Web enabled wireless devices (PDA, cell phones and pagers). It can also be used to send simplified message to any email account or email enabled wireless device (i.e. stock quote/alert, daily headline news and etc.)
  • SBTax - This ActiveX control will calculate sales tax for US and Canada based on updateable tax table. 


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