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ASP VBScript
VB Code

New SBShip 2.0 is available for download. It is now accessing new UPS server for calculating shipping charge.

SBShip is the first ActiveX control that you can add UPS shipping feature to your Web site in real time. Because it gets data directly from UPS Web site, it is just as accurate as that server. Simply insert a few lines into your ASP code, and you can have UPS shipping option on your e-commerce site. It is compiled in Visual C++ for fast execution. No Visual Basic Runtime Module is needed.

Click here for an online demo.

To use SBShip, simply insert following lines into your ASP code:

Set SBShip1 = CreateObject("SBSHIP.SBShipCtrl.1")
SBShip1.OrigPostal = "90001"
SBShip1.DestCountry = "US"
SBShip1.DestPostal = "10001"
SBShip1.Weight = 5
if SBShip1.GetRate then
    '...Processing parsed UPS data
end if
Set SBShip1=nothing

Free version will delay 10 seconds sending data to UPS Web site. You can avoid 10 seconds delay by registering the software (Your static IP address is required for registering software).

Trouble Shooting

If you get following error while running regsvr32:

Load Library (c:\winnt\system32\sbship.ocx)failed 
GetLastError 0X000000b6

This is because you do not have required MFC DLLs on your system. You can download the other version that does not require MFC DLLs.



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